Government Contract Finance

Government Contract Finance Expertise

King Trade Capital specializes in government contract finance and has done so since 1993. We have expertise in providing financing to Government contractors in need of capital to fulfill or complete contracts for governments around the world.

Whether it is a contract to deliver generators after a hurricane in the US, vehicles into war torn regions in the Middle East or elevators to an Embassy in South America, King Trade Capital understands the government contracting process and the unique needs involved with financing and fulfilling these contracts.

If you are in need of mobilization money to kick off a contract or financing to acquire or manufacture equipment or inventory to deliver under a government contract – King Trade Capital has a finance solution that will help.

KTC has more than 27 years of experience dealing with the unique requirements of dealing with governmental agencies and can offer our years of incite and experience to help enhance your contracting relationships.

KTC finances both domestic and international contract deliveries for US, Canadian and UK based companies. Our financing has supported countless contracts for supplies and equipment into Iraq and Afghanistan. We have financed deliveries to governments around the world including US, Canada, Great Britain, Mexico, Taiwan, China and others.

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