King Trade Capital is Featured in a New Book Tools and Strategies for Export

Thursday, October 19, 2017

King Trade Capital has been featured in a new book titled, Tools and Strategies for Export, written by a well-known trade banker Cornelio (Onnie) Sumangil.  Sumangil has 40 years of trade finance expertise working as a trade finance specialist at some of the world’s largest banks. Onnie is now Principal of Sumangil Trade Resources, a strategy consulting firm which focuses on international trade transactions. 

The book discusses the tools and financial instruments for financing cross border sales. Chapter 7 “The King of Nontraditional Lenders for Export Letters of Credit” discusses King Trade Capital’s nontraditional approach to providing finance solutions to companies in need of capital in order to increase international sales.

Sumangil writes, “The principal advantage of dealing with these “boutique” type financiers is that they are not as heavily regulated as the commercial banks that are guided by the Comptroller of the Currency.  These lenders are innovative and can handle unusual financings as there is not that much interference and oversight of them by regulatory agencies.   In simple terms, they operate like a regular business, ensuring that they perform their operations efficiently and effectively” (Sumangil, 2017, p.87).

Tools and Strategies for Export is currently available for purchase through Barnes & Noble,, and Lulu Publishing. 


About King Trade Capital

King Trade Capital is the market leader in purchase order, trade, and contract finance in the United States. Founded in 1993, King Trade Capital has been an entrepreneurial finance company since its inception, offering unique PO and trade finance solutions.
King Trade Capital is the US oldest and largest purchase order and contract finance provider, offering small to mid-sized companies in the US, UK and Canada flexible PO and inventory finance solutions. King Trade helps clients across a broad range of industries, including manufacturing, apparel, food & beverage, technology, accessories and distribution. King Trade Capital can help companies with finance needs from $50,000 to $15,000,000.