King Trade Capital Funds $2 Million Purchase Order Finance Commitment

Saturday, September 9, 2017

King Trade Capital (“KTC”) is happy to announce the funding of a $2 Million commitment for an exciting and unique pop culture products company on the west coast. The company develops licensed pop culture products for people and pets and has seen remarkable growth in their sales growth due to the talented team and their ideas.
KTC was introduced to the company by a national factor as they were working towards establishing a factoring facility to help with the company’s sales growth. The factor quickly identified that the company needed even more capital to keep up with the growth and brought in King Trade Capital to provide a unique PO finance solution.
The pop culture company had seen success and was currently being banked by a local bank. The relationship with the bank worked well with slow growth, but when larger and larger opportunities came along the company became heavily constrained by the traditional balance sheet lending the bank provided. The factor and KTC worked together on a full supply chain solution which provided the company the growth capital needed to manufacture and import its products in order to fill their ever increasing orders.
King Trade Capital provided a PO finance solution to acquire the inventory, and the factor is advancing on the ever increasing receivables. These solutions in tandem offer the company the growth capital they need to see their profits grow.


About King Trade Capital

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