King Trade Capital Provides $1,000,000 PO Finance Facility

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

King Trade Capital Provides $1,000,000 PO Finance Facility

King Trade Capital is pleased to announce the completion of a $1,000,000 purchase order finance facility for an early stage ladies apparel company based in California. The company specializes in selling modern women’s apparel to large discount retailers.

The client was referred to King Trade Capital by their factor based in California. Given the early stage of the business, the client was having difficulty securing suitable financing for their growth and had been unable to buy enough inventory to satisfy growing orders. Having just received orders from a major retailer, the company had an immediate need for financing to secure payment to their overseas supplier in order to get their apparel produced and shipped.

King Trade Capital was able to get comfortable moving forward with the new company based on the experience of the management team. Previously, the owners, successfully grew and sold a private label women’s apparel company to a major retailer.

King Trade Capital worked quickly with the client to structure an end to end finance solution that provided the capital needed to fulfill the purchase orders from the major retailer.  The PO and trade finance solution put in place provided the company’s overseas suppliers with what was needed to get their apparel produced and shipped as well as availability to pay freight and duties for the deliveries.

With King Trade Capital as a finance partner, the company now feels confident in its ability to seek out new customers and larger orders. The solution King Trade Capital provided will allow the Client to expand its customer base, while addressing its liquidity issues.

King Trade Capital is the country's oldest and largest independent provider of purchase order and contract finance for small to middle-market companies in the U.S., UK and Canada. Since 1993 KTC has provided more than $2 billion of capital in over 350 public and private companies worldwide. King Trade Capital can offer end to end PO and trade finance solutions.