King Trade Capital provides an $8,000,000.00 Trade Finance Facility for a Home Goods Company

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

King Trade Capital (“KTC”) is pleased to announce a new $8,000,000.00 trade finance relationship with a California-based home goods and party supply company that has a fast-growing relationship with one of the world’s largest online retailers. 

KTC was introduced to the company by a finance industry consultant who was helping the 5-year-old company with strategies to handle its fast growth and its relationship with its largest customer.

During its five year history, our client established itself as a trusted supplier to the world’s largest online retailer. As their business relationship solidified, the online retailer recognized that our client had the infrastructure and team to handle large bulk orders and its purchase orders grew significantly.  

The quickly-expanding relationship with the online retailer created a working capital strain on the company as it needed to be able to fulfill bulk orders while continuing to fulfill its existing orders. The size of the new orders put a strain on the client’s working capital and they were at risk of being unable to perform upon hard earned growth in sales. In fact, the company had to reject purchase orders due to the lack of capital needed to fulfill the orders on time. 

After being introduced to the client, the KTC team quickly assessed that the company was competent and simply needed KTC to provide the capital it needed to grow their sales and profits. KTC structured a trade finance facility that met their unique growth needs and brought in a nationwide receivable lender with a specialty in the online retailer to provide liquidity after the retailer was invoiced.

KTC’s facility pays the client’s vendors the cash they need in order to ship the goods in a timely manner, making it possible for the client to fulfill all the purchase orders that are received from their end customers. The trade finance facility is designed to not only help the company fulfill their current PO needs but also structured to help any future sales expansion.

For 27 years, King Trade Capital has helped good people and good companies increase their sales and profits. We are the pioneer in purchase-order finance and have the unrivalled expertise and financial capacity to help our portfolio companies prosper.  Our mission is to help people and companies thrive by providing stable, reliable, and unique PO finance solutions not offered by other finance companies. KTC is the only PO finance source that compliments and doesn’t compete with asset-based lenders, factors and banks. To learn more please visit or call 214-368-5100.