Our Criteria

KTC’s focuses on your transaction and its financial viability. Unlike traditional finance sources, KTC’s unique approach to providing finance solutions is not solely concerned with the balance sheet and income statement of the company but the economics of the opportunity at hand and the companies ability to perform if provided sufficient capital.

  • Management Expertise
    KTC finances companies located in the US, Canada and the UK with proven expertise in their field, even if they are a start-up.

  • Reliable Sourcing
    KTC funds transactions with suppliers/subcontractors and manufacturers that have a proven track record.

  • Valid Purchase Orders and Contracts
    KTC will provide financing bases upon firm valid purchase orders issued by creditworthy companies or governmental entities. KTC will not support consignment transactions.

  • Verifiable Repayment
    KTC bridges the capital needs to acquire or manufacture inventory to fulfill purchase orders and contracts. We understand the firm payment terms and upon delivery or completion we are typically taken out or repaid by a bank, factor, asset based lender, letter of credit or direct repayment by the ultimate end customer.

We can help:

  • Solve cash flow problems
  • Finance good in process or production.
  • Fund 100% of the cost of inventory
  • Provide an alternative to over advances
  • Provide finance solutions from $50,000 – $20,000,000.

KTC Finances Growth Opportunities

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