Specialist in Purchase Order Financing

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Specialist in Purchase Order Financing

King Trade Capital is the oldest and largest independent purchase order finance company in the US.  Since 1993, we have provided capital to help clients fulfill sales orders when their existing balance sheet or traditional credit source is not sufficient to buy or produce the inventory needed.  

King Trade Capital is the finance solution for clients that would have to forego sales or give up equity in order to fulfill orders because of lack of capital.  We are the most experienced and reliable purchase order finance company in the country providing an alternative to equity or to a long term debt instrument for a short term need. 

We are the solution for growth, turnarounds, accounts classified as a special asset or a supplemental facility to an existing bank or ABL line.  Many of our clients utilize our financing on a seasonal basis or simply to finance large sales opportunities, although we also happily help with clients in need of annual PO finance solutions.     

We do not factor or finance receivables so don’t compete with our friends in the traditional finance world, we work together to provide the best solution for our shared clients.  Upon our clients shipping and invoicing,  King Trade Capital is typically taken out through an inter-creditor agreement with whoever is financing the client’s accounts receivables or traditional collateral, be it a bank, asset based lender or factor.  We are a specialized form of supply chain or inventory financing bridging the capital needs to grow profitable sales. 

There are primarily two facets of our finance solutions at King Trade Capital:

Trade Finance – 

US, UK and Canadian based companies that primarily import or export goods.  Based on purchase ordersor a history of inventory sale through, King Trade Capital provides financing for the cost of goods, customs, duties, freight forwarding, etc.  The finance facility includes, as needed, cash payments and issuance of letters of credit to suppliers.  Our target client has a minimum annual utilization of funding from King Trade Capital of approximately $500,000 or more for the year for finished goods trade financing.    

Production Finance –

Domestic manufacturers, assemblers or fabricators.  Based on firm orders, King Trade Capital provides financing for raw materials, parts, direct labor, and other direct costs to manufacture and fulfill the client’s customer order(s).  The finance facility includes the use of letters of credit, letters of guaranty’s or direct cash payments to vendors and the client in order to provide a solution that will allow the inventory to be manufactured and delivered.  Our target manufacturing client has a production finance need from King Trade Capital of approximately $500,000 or more. 

Please Contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to any opportunity to work with you or  discuss a solution that helps you or your client in the future. Please visit our website at www.kingtradecapital.com or call 214-368-5100.

Brandyn Prust
Manager Business Development
New York City

Edward King
Founder and Managing Partner
Dallas, Texas
Office 214-368-5100