Tariffs are back are quotas next?

Friday, May 10, 2019

Risk changes quickly in international trade. Importers and exporters are again having to actively address the risks of global trade much like they did 20 or more years ago.

After years of relatively open and passive trade policies many traditional trading risks are back for US companies. The renewed risks make it even more important for any operating company to be financed by a finance source that understands cross border risks.

King Trade Capital has expertise in financing international supply chains in an environment of tariffs, duties and quota's. We were founded 27 years ago when virtually every PO, cross border or trade financing was subject to some type of tariff, duty or quota.

King Trade understands and is comfortable with the change in the trade finance environment today, because we are a PO and trade finance company that has always managed international risk. We are not a traditional lender trying to understand PO and trade finance. We are the pioneers in non-bank cross border PO and trade finance.

As more and more traditional lenders have just jumped into cross border finance the last couple years, there are going to be big challenges for those lenders without the in depth expertise to manage this new trade environment. Unfortunately when a traditional lender becomes scared of risks they don't understand they are known to contract from providing liquidity, this has started in cross border finance.

Rest assured King Trade Capital, with its focus and expertise in PO and trade finance, is ready to help when traditional lenders can't provide sufficient liquidity beyond the asset base or balance sheet, to allow the unencumbered sales growth in a company.

King Trade Capital provides purchase order, trade, contracts and bridge finance solutions that allow good small to medium sized companies to grow without the traditional constraints of an asset based or balance sheet lender. We help good people and companies grow sales when other international lenders are running for the doors. www.kingtradecapital.com  Contact 214-368-5100 or info@kingtradecapital.com