Deal Portfolio

These are just a few examples of the transactions KTC has financed. Click each listing to see more detail about each deal.

Industry Location Type of Deal Deal size
Women’s Apparel Company New York Import Financing $22,000,000
Electric Turbine Modernization in Mexico Mexico Project Financing $5,250,000
Sale of Holiday Decorations to Major Retailers Massachusetts Cross Border Production Financing $2,500,000
Steel Plant to China Ohio Export Project Financing $10,000,000
Baked Goods Manufacturer Oklahoma Domestic/Import $3,200,000
Women’s Apparel Distributor New York Domestic/Import $2,000,000
Electronic Parts Broker California Domestic $3,200,000
Women’s Formalwear Manufacturer Texas Import/Domestic $950,000
Hi-Tech Equipment Manufacturer Texas Domestic/Export $3,600,000
Home Furnishing Manufacturer California Import $4,000,000
Fiber Optic Manufacturer Texas Domestic $800,000